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Our Training Centre benefits from the latest technologies in terms of Simulation and 
pedagogical tools associated with experienced instructors, both civil and military. 
We are committed to providing trainees with efficient training solutions and sophisticated training.



What makes HELISIM’s reliability and strength is also its efficient management associated with highly qualified employees who combine their skills to reach a same and only goal: to ensure that your needs are always properly catered for. We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive services and we are bound to implementing our commitments.


Helisim benefits from the experience and image of three big names in the Aerospace world.

Our shareholders trust us to deliver value on the assets entrusted to the academy. 

Customer satisfaction

Each and every one in the Helisim team has one goal: To deliver flawless services adjusted to the customer's requirements.





Respect is the essence of our Training Academy. We commit ourself to treat everyone fairly and be tolerant. Integrity and honesty are also cherished values that are the leading notions of our ethics conduct.



With twelve years and above one hundred thousands hours of sim training, Helisim saved  the equivalent of one fifth of the Paris annual production of Carbon Dioxide, or the equivalent of more than 6000 travel from Paris to New York. Indeed, the training we provide with flight simulators gives the same experience to pilots as a casual flight but without negative side-effects on the environment.

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Excellence & Quality

Our success lies under an effective management and premier class training programs.
Quality control is of prime importance and we contentiously improve our services
try to reach excellence and offer competitive prices.

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