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Dear helicopter operators, dear customers, dear e-visitors, dear friends,


Training is essential to safety, acting as the ultimate life insurance when survival in critical situations appeals to the only thing that is left: experience and reflexes.

Moreover, we feel that Training is the basic of human knowledge and know-how. It certainly is the key-factor in securing the upper edge of mission mastery.

Technology has brought to training the gap which has been sought during decades by aircraft instructors: virtual reality.

Twelve years ago, Helisim shareholders namely Airbus Helicopters, Thales and DCI made the bet that investing in full-flight simulators would provide the Eurocopter helicopter operators an incomparable potential for know-how and experience accumulation, flight safety hike and substantial saving on aircraft-operation and maintenance spending.

Today, with our level D-certified full-flight simulators, helicopter crew can perform flight sequences that are so close to the real thing that one simulated flight hour is equivalent to one hour flow in the real kite.

And most importantly, these simulators are manned by an exceptional faculty of 13 salaried Helisim instructors who together ensure an exhaustive coverage of all helicopter-related missions. In addition ot their experience, these instructors keep in touch with the latest SoPs by flying actual helicopters in various instances such as reserve officers, offshore pilots or when ensuring VIP transportation missions.

Twelve civil aviation authorities and seventy-three governmental operators, not to mention nine major EMS operators have recognized the simulated flight hour at Helisim as a qualifying flown-hours for their crews.

This is not only the fruit of a resolute investment on the upper segment of the training devices, but also the result of a tremendous human dedication to the Helisim Flight Academy with the development of unique pedagogical tools and courses, animated by a pool of widely-experienced and confirmed pilots. As a matter of fact, experienced is in essence transmitted by exchanging on the ground rather than in the air.

Training proficiency of our customers is our best reward as it leverages flight safety and helicopter operation efficiency.

We are happy to welcome you on our website and look forward to sharing our tools and serving your flight readiness.

Yours faithfully,


Christian COCHINI

President and C.E.O.

HELISIM Training Academy



Mr Christian COCHINI
Helisim CEO
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