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Franck NOVAK

Age : 45 
Pilot since : 1989
Training / Experience :
I was in the French Army (ALAT) during 16 years where i did several overseas operations as Puma captain.Flight instructor since 2001, I was performing single & multi engines type rating and instrumental rating with multi crew coordination.In 2005, I left the French Army to work for the United Nation (Sudan, Ivory cost) and in off shore operations in Africa.I join HELISIM in May 2007 as SFI (NH90, AS 332 L1&L2, EC 225, SA 365 and EC 155) and i am now in charge of the FAA project.I kept my licenses updated by flying in several operations. 
6700 hours of flight
2500 hours of simulator
ATP (H) with instrument rating, FI, TRI, and TRE. 

Laurent BRIET

Age : 49
Flight Engineer since : 1991
Training/experience :
I was in the AIR FORCE during 30 years where I did several operations as Flight Engineer, navigator, winchman and loadmaster.
I was a Flight Engineer Instructor on C130 (4500 hrs) and SUPER PUMA (3500 hrs) .
I belonged to different squadrons and my specialties were the CSAR mission, winching, embarked shooting, training for the IOS, ground courses in the capacity of a F.E. and I have vast experience in transporting VVIP’s such as the President of France.
1940hrs on the simulator.



Christophe BAISSAC



Age : 63
Pilot since :
Training/Experience :
I spent five years in the french Army Aviation – ALAT  - as a helicopter pilot.
Then I started flying different types of aircraft  on different types of work worlwide : crop spraying and dusting, aerial work in mountain, oil industry offshore and onshore operations support, instruction – ground, simulator and flight. I quit flying in 2003 with 9300 hrs and started working for HELISIM in 2006.

Jean-Charles de TROY

Training Director

Age : 51  
Pilot since : 1983  
Training / Experience :  
31 years in French Army Aviation, beginning as a pilot in a VIP squadron finishing head of training in Le Cannet des Maures Army Aviation School. Instructor since 1990, I was assigned to initial tactical training of junior officers, including NOE, IFR and NVG. After two years as a squadron commander, I spent three years abroad in charge of building IFR and NVG courses. Joining HELISIM in the early 2014, I continue to fly as a flight examiner for Army and Customs.  
6900 Flight hours
400 hours on simulator

Christian JUILLET

Age : 52
Pilot Since :  1983
Training / Experience :
I begin to fly in the French Army Aviation (ALAT) then i change to the French Air Force. I have flown on all puma’s family. After 29 years including 6800 hours in operational flights, i join Helisim in January 2013. I gained varied experiences as a military pilot. I have performed differents operational missions by day and night in desert, mountain, jungle and over seas. My preference is “night’s flights” with night vision goggle.


Age : 43
Pilot since : 1994
Training / Experience :
17 years in French Navy as a helicopter pilot.
Instructor for foreign and French Navy pilot during 6 years (Maritime application and Instruments Flight).
Experience in oil industry off shore. 
3200 hours of  flight.
ATPL (H) – IR.   

Patrick LEBUY


Age : 53
Pilot Since
Training Experience :
I started flying civil career different types of aircraft on different types of work worldwide: crop spraying and dusting, aerial work in mountain, oil industry offshore and onshore operations support, instruction – ground, simulator and flight. I quit flying in 2004 with 6200hrs and started working for HELISIM in 2005.
Today SFI
AS 332/EC225 SP-MP/IR
S365/EC155 SP/IR – MP/IR
3420 Hrs of simulator


Age : 54 
Pilot since : 1978
Training / Experience :
Fly since 1978, I spent more than 20 years in the French Army Light Aviation where I did mountain andseveral external operations throughout the world.   
Instructor in 1985, I changed to this new side of the pilot activity by performing initial pilot license, type rating single & multi engines, and instrumental with multi crew cooperation.
In 2001, during first steps of Helisim story, I participated to training and testing on all cockpits present in the Center.
In addition to this, I kept my licenses updated by flying to support the offshore operations in Africa


7000 hours of flight
6000 hours of simulator
ATPL (H) with instrument rating, TRI, TRE & S-TRE

Philippe DEBRAND

Age : 51
Pilot Since :  1982
Training / Experience :
I spent 5 years in French light Army Aviation flying SA 342 for anti-tank mission, and 25 years in French Air Force flying SA 319, AS 555, and SA 330 for VIP and SAR missions .
Instructor since 1995 and more than 10 years flying in Africa for various missions, and operations. Working in Helisim since October 2011.
5100 Hours of flight
1200 Hours of simulator



Age :48
Pilot since : 1988
Training/Experience :
I spent 23 years in the Air Force where I took part
in various missions ( VIP,SAR&RESCO, COS..) ,mainly on SA330 , AS332 and AS555. 
Since I left in 2009 I flew for Avignon’s hospital as a medevac pilot and joined
HELISIM’s team more or less in the same time.
ATPL, SFI/TRI on the Super Puma family, and HELISIM instructor on EC155 ,
4800 hrs flight time and 1600 hrs on simulators
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