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Helisim Flight Simulators are Full Data package from OEM Airbus Helicopters, associated with a high detailed visual database allowing to work with various weather conditions and special effects such as brown-out,3D sea state …
We operate seven helicopter cockpits with Full Flight Simulators and Flight Training Devices.

Supported by a worldwide data base for airports and navaids, our simulators offer extremely detailed areas and moving objects enabling us to provide your organization with an efficient training.

Common Effects

  • Maritime: 3D sea, Oil Rigs, Ship deck…
  • Several landscapes: countryside, desert, mountain, cities, confined areas
  • Any weather condition: clouds, ceiling, visibility/RVR, temperature, humidity, wind, turbulence
  • Airports: A representative airport (Marseille-Provence), More than 200 generic airports and Operating site scenes (Elevated helipads Confined areas)

    • 4 Full Flight Simulators

      Key features

      • 3-Axis floor shaker
      • 6 Degrees of freedom motion system
      • High resolution NVG capability

        • Special Features

          • H175: Off board IOS
          • NH90: Off board IOS, HMSD System
          • AS332 L1: CBT Classroom

            • 1 Flight Training Device

              In addition to its Full Flight Simulators (FFS), Helisim operates a Flight Training Device (FTD). This 3-Axis floor shaker training media can accommodate 3 helicopter cockpits (AS365 N2, AS332 L1 and H225), already qualified on FFS station.

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